Lamination Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding is the most popular binding method used in North America. Also known as GBC Binding, Ibico Binding, Cerlox, Surlox, or Combbind this binding method has been around for decades and is used by schools, businesses, and print shops across the United States. In fact, you have probably seen cookbooks, reports, proposals, and manuals bound with plastic combs.

TNO Bindery offers high-quality comb-bound books. Using comb bindings allows your books to lie flat for easy reading. The flexible plastic binding can be reopened and closed for easy updating of pages. These comb bindings allow you to bind from 2 pages up to 2'' in thickness. The standard length of a comb binding is 19 rings for binding 11" in length. Custom lengths are available.

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  1. Combs are available in a number of sizes for virtually any project. The smallest size of combs available is 3/16 of an inch. These are ideal for documents that are just a few pages long. The largest size of combs is two inches and can handle documents with as many as 400 sheets of paper. Combs that are 1.25″ or larger are oval in shape while smaller combs are round.