Saddle Stitch Binding

Saddle stitch binding is an ideal and economical choice for booklets with smaller page counts. This method of binding is perfect for magazines, brochures, instruction booklets, and catalogs. Saddle Stitch Books are great because they will lay flat and stay open when you are flipping through the pages, making it easier to read. Saddle stitch is our most popular binding type and offers the quickest turnaround time with the most affordable and cost-effective pricing. With Saddle Stitch you have the option of self-cover (same paper as text) or cover paper. With cover paper, we can customize with foil, embossing, UV, and much more.


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Saddle Stitch Books can have a minimum of 8 pages and a max of 92. Beyond 92 pages you will want to consider Perfect Bound Books.  A Saddle Stitch Book is printed by using one sheet of paper printed on both sides, folded, and then stapled in the center.