Case Bound (Hard Cover) Books

Case binding is a traditional method of bookbinding. The covers of casebound (hardcover) books are made by wrapping board with printed paper or other materials like book cloth, linen, or leather. Our process includes making the cases, adding head & tail bands, Smyth sewing or perfect binding, and then casing-in. We can also add features likes foil stamping on the cover and spine and bookmarks.

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Cloth - Fabric used in binding books. There are different types, including starch-filled pearl linen to aqueous coated Library Buckram.

Pre-Printed - Printed paper over binds board. The paper is laminated with a coating UV or film laminate.

Adhesive Hardbound- Burst Folding - Instead of sewing, the book is held together using glues that penetrate the fibers of the paper on the spines.

3-Piece Binding - The boards are laminated together on the spine with cloth, then a different material is applied to the front and backboard.

Bonded Leather - Leather is ground up then mixed with a percentage of paper, then turned into a sheet of material that looks like real leather.