3 Ways Wholesale Bindery and Printing Will Expand Your Catalog

wholesale bindery

Tell Your Story with Wholesale Book Binding and Printing There’s something special about holding a book in your hands. This isn’t the first place you’ve read something to that effect, and it won’t be the last. Most of the reading that many of us do is digital —we’re surrounded by blogs, tweets, and emails— but…

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Coil Binding, Wire-O Binding, and Comb Binding 3 Popular Binds

coil binding, wire-o binding, comb binding

When you need a lot of books printed at an affordable cost, any printer worth their salt will have a few options that meet that need. For notebooks, calendars, cookbooks, and informational booklets, there are three popular binding methods that won’t break the bank. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, so if you want…

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Ancestry Books: What They Are and How to Make 1

ancestry books genealogy book printing

All About Genealogy Book Printing and Ancestry Books With the vast sea of information that the internet makes available to us, family histories that might have molded away in far-off libraries for years can finally be found and read. People across the world are taking the opportunity to look into their family history and find…

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4 Important Benefits Of Trade Printing

trade printing

The Benefit of Trade Printing Trade printing is an industry that operates largely behind the scenes. We’re surrounded by written material in our daily lives, from business cards to dictionaries, but when most people think about where those things are made, their minds jump to publishing companies and print resellers. It’s mostly the people already…

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The Difference Between Saddle Stitch Books and Perfect Bound Books

saddle stitch books perfect bound books

If you’re planning to print a run of small pamphlets, guides, or small booklets, you might have run into the terms saddle stitch books and perfect bound books. Both are popular binding methods, and though they both have their advantages, many characteristics are shared between the two. They’re both much less expensive than hardcover bindings and…

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The Best Short Run Book Printing | Because You Only Need 1!

short run book printing wholesale trade bindery

  It’s always a challenge to start something new, whether you’re self-publishing a debut novel, or jumping into a marketing campaign. There’s always the risk that things won’t go exactly as planned, and that all the time, effort, and money you poured into the project will go down the drain.   When it comes to…

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